Best Persian Magazines In The World

There are hundreds of Persian magazines being published everyday world wide. Here we will look at the top 3 that we see fitting to be named as the best Persian magazine in the world.

3. Bukhara Magazine

Bukhara magazine is one of the oldest a Persian language magazines in the world. The magazine began publication in 1998 and is publishing on a monthly basis. Spearheaded and edited by Ali Dehbashi, it is a scholarly magazine covering everything from Persian history, art and philosophy to literature and culture. Truly timeless and a thoroughly interesting read, we suggest you get your hands on one today.

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2. Salam Vancouver Magazine

It is no surprise that we put ourselves on this list! Salam Vancouver Magazine is the 2nd largest Persian Magazine in Canada. We are trusted by hundreds of thousands of Persians, Kurds, Tajiks, Turkmen & Afghanis for accurate daily and weekly news! Keeping Persians informed and up to date!

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1. Daneshmand Magazine

Beginning publication in 2006, Daneshmand Magazine has been Canada’s largest Farsi language magazine for over a decade. Still going strong, Daneshmand Magazine has been a staple for Farsi speaking Canadians looking to read educated articles. Published weekly with daily posted articles online, Daneshmand has earned the top spot on our list for a reason. We assessed them to the largest in the world not only by readership but also by advertisement revenue, pages chopped and circulation numbers.

For more information, visit Daneshmand Magazine.

We hope this has been informative. Please take time and check out our latest magazine!

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